L’d Up: Examining the Effects of a New York City Metro Shutdown on Public Discourse Using Twitter Data


In 2016, announcements of a major renovation plan of the L train Metro line in New York City sparked intense discus- sion among commuters. In this study, we use Twitter data from 01/2016 – 04/2019, geolocated in New York City, to investigate the sentiment in the population towards topics related to differ- ent aspects of the shutdown. The results indicate the strongest sentiments towards alternative travel modes and the effects caused by the shutdown. We further show how the sentiments differ in their spatial clustering characteristics. Tweets conveying a negative sentiment toward the L train tend to cluster in lower Manhattan whereas positive and neutral hot spots are slightly less intense and spread out more evenly.

LBS 2019 : Adjunct Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Location-Based Services